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Key facts about the Alma group

Alma is a major player in the international CAD/CAM market, specialized in sheet-metal working, cutting and robotics, directly established in 8 countries (France, Italy, Germany, China, Brazil, the USA, Singapore and Spain) and represented in many others thanks to distribution agreements.

A solid and profit-making Group

Over 75 persons within the Group are directly involved in the CAD/CAM software activity, from development to marketing. Moreover, Alma works in other IT fields in France.

Generating a consolidated annual turnover of 15 million euros, Alma is a solid and profitable Group.  

Created as a cooperative company (Scop) in 1979, Alma is 100% owned by its employees,


Main managers of the Group

Alma Scop

Laurence Ruffin: Chairwoman and CEO
Philippe Rouzeau: Distribution Network Manager
Emmanuel Monnet: Research & Development Manager 
Sylvie Blanchard: Manager of the Integration and Sales department in France

Alma GmbH & Asco Data

Ralf Pitz: General Manager


Alma Italia

Giovanni Viora: CEO


Alma do Brasil

Alessandro Morari: General Manager


Alma China

Guoping Chen: General Manager



Luca Poggi: Director
Eric St. James: Director

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