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Solutions for machine builders

Customized technical solution and assistance.

Whether it is for 2D-cutting, 3-D cutting or tube and profile cutting applications, our software is highly customizable for specific technologies or uses, beyond post-processors. These applications are therefore particularly easy to integrate for a manufacturer or integrator. Combined to the technical performance of Alma’s software, this advantage offers a true added value to the manufacturer’s solution. In terms of service and support, Alma knows how to perfectly adapt to the manufacturer’s needs and constraints, in order to build a custom-made partnership. 

Alma software offers customizable and productive applications to the manufacturer:

  • Integrated Visual Basic language for the development of macros or parameterized shapes, customization and complete automation of the software operation (batch mode).
  • Powerful integrated reporting tool allowing the customization of reports and workshop documents.
  • Customizable user interface (menus, tool bars, insertion of a logo…).
  • Post-processors developed on the basis of a proprietary Basic language allowing quick adjustment and any type of customization
  • Possibility for the manufacturer to develop or adapt its own “work” functionalities and to integrate them easily to the user interface. 
  • Development language easy to master.
  • Programming tools allowing reduction of times and development costs, and offering great reactivity. 


Custom-made partnership with manufacturers:

Alma has a large experience in the field of agreements with manufacturers, and proposes several levels of cooperation according to the degree of software customization and involvement wished by the manufacturer, for example: 

  • Supply of a customized application (with turnkey post-processors) marketed under his own brand by the manufacturer, who manages all linked services with regard to his customers (“OEM” agreement). 
  • Supply of a “standard” parameterized application for the manufacturer, with turnkey post-processors, the manufacturer only being responsible for marketing the software, Alma and its subsidiaries managing the services with regard to the manufacturer’s customers. 
  • Simple prescription/signaling agreement, the manufacturer being wholly responsible for marketing the software and managing the linked services.

Thanks to Alma’s international presence, manufacturers benefit from the support of a comprehensive network: local assistance, offer of additional products… 

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