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Plasma cutting and oxy-cutting software

Widely-used by our customers in the plate working and shipbuilding sectors, Alma plasma cutting software has been developed to support the multitude of processes involved in parts manufacturing. Plasma cutting and oxy-cutting software is compatible with all technologies and machinery and provides powerful algorithms for precise and efficient cutting with minimal waste of materials. Several innovating programming processes devised by Alma rely on these technologies, such as continuous cutting with no lead-outs, programming in “true” multi-torching, programming of scalable bevels, etc. Our plasma cutting software offers a global solution for your specific applications.

almaCAM Cut for oxy-plasma

The nesting and programming software for oxy-cutting and plasma cutting

Thanks to its ability to meet specific machine requirements, including heat constraints, involved in oxy-cutting and plasma cutting, almaCAM Cut is a powerful and flexible solution which efficiently combines automation and user interaction, when required.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • High-performance automatic nesting (in terms of efficiency and calculation time) thanks to the availability of multiple nesting strategies
  • Optimized multi-torch cutting control and ability to pilot machines equipped with programmable torches
  • Optimized use of remnant sheets or off-cuts of any shape
  • One click to perform the nesting, the tool path, and NC program generation
  • Use of several methods to reduce the number of piercings on the sheet: continuous cutting (positive or negative bridges), chain cutting, common cut between two parts
  • Efficient control of heat deformations
  • Lead-ins/outs calculation to avoid burrs
  • Ability to pilot programmable beveling heads.


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