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Routing/Milling software

almaCAM perfectly suits the requirements of soft material routing (aluminum, wood, plastic, plaster, etc.) and supports the specific constraints related to this kind of cutting (multilayers, machining type, finishing characteristics etc.) almaCAM Space Cut allows you to program 5-axis routing machines.

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almaCAM Routing

The nesting and programming software for aluminium sheet routing

Aluminum sheet routing technology is specific to the needs of the aeronautics industry, one of the key research and business activities of Alma since the early 1990's. Today, numerous aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors use almaCAM Routing on a daily basis to pilot their CNC routing machines. With high nesting performance and the ability to meet all the technological requirements and constraints of the routing process, almaCAM Routing is the ideal solution for the programming of your aluminum routing machines.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • One mouse click to perform the tool allocation and part nesting, optimize the machining sequencing including the part evacuation and generate the NC program
  • High-performance automatic nesting (in terms of efficiency and calculation time) thanks to the availability of multiple nesting strategies
  • Reduced machining time resulting from the management of metal sheet stacks in the nesting
  • Automatic management of screwing and riveting operations (on parts and skeleton)
  • Micro-junction function to avoid screwing and riveting operations and allows safely detaching parts from the skeleton. 


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almaCAM Routing software also drives wood and plastic panels routing machines

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