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CAM software for tubes and profile cutting

With CAD/CAM skills in 3D cutting and robotics, Alma has a developed a significant expertise in the programming of tube and profile cutting machines and robots through various installations in operation and close partnerships with several manufacturers.

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almaCAM Tube

A comprehensive CAD/CAM solution for the programming of tube and profile-cutting machines and robots

almaCAM Tube is a dedicated and comprehensive CAD/CAM solution that can control any type of tube-cutting machines and robots (2D machines with a rotative axis, 4-axis machines dedicated to tubes cutting, 5-axis machines with one or several rotative axes, robot cells aimed at cutting tubes) and manage all the steps of the tube-cutting process, from the tube modeling to the CNC program generation.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Comprehensive CAD/CAM solution for tube and profile cutting operations, including upstream tube design and nesting operations
  • A highly-automated job solution
  • Ability to interact with any kind of tube-cutting systems
  • Support of specific functions or requirements related to tube cutting machines (for example: automatic programming of loading/unloading peripheral units, coupling constraints for multiple-axis machines, etc.)
  • Fully-integrated with act/ range solutions for the programming of 2D- and 3D-cutting machines

Product overview

almaCAM Tube can control any kind of tube-cutting systems:

  • 2D machines with a rotative axis
  • 4-axis machines dedicated to tubes cutting
  • 5-axis machines with one or several rotative axes
  • Robot cells aimed at cutting tubes

almaCAM Tube performs all the tasks involved in the tube-cutting process:

  • Tubes modeling
  • Launching order management
  • Automatic nesting of tube sections to be cut
  • Creation and sequencing of the cutting tasks and post-processing including the specific ISO code generation for the machine or robot used


Given the high investments involved in the installation of tube-cutting machines, using a non-dedicated or very little automated system would significantly affect and decrease your productivity.  Choosing almaCAM Tube means benefiting from an efficient and evolutive solution, which has been successfully tried and tested by several manufacturers and today relies on several industrial partnerships.


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