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Laser cutting software

Alma laser cutting software provides the sheet metal working industry and any manufacturer which uses 2D or 3D laser cutting technology with powerful programming solutions. almaCAM technology optimizes the use of materials, improves cycle times and ensures superior quality of manufactured parts. Our laser cutting software is functional for the end user and easy to incorporate into existing working environments. Designed to support all processes involved in laser cutting (2D, 3D, tubes, etc.), Alma laser cutting software is a global and effective solution used by our customers worldwide.

almaCAM Cut for laser

The nesting and programming software for laser cutting

Providing efficient and automated nesting capabilities combined with the ability to support all laser cutting functions as well as to manage a wide range of technological parameters, almaCAM Cut is the most productive and effective solution for programming your laser cutting machines.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • High-performance automatic nesting (in terms of efficiency and calculation time) thanks to the availability of multiple nesting strategies
  • One click to perform the nesting, the tool path and CN program generation
  • Optimized and automatic management of  cutting conditions
  • Optimized and automatic management of common cut thanks to two strategies (pre-cut and rectangular grid)
  • Efficient prevention against risk of collision between the laser head and cut parts thanks to several tool path strategies (laser head lifting-up or by-pass)
  • Automatic management of skeleton cutting.

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